Advice & Tools

All the tools & advice you need

We provide you with the tools and advice you need to better understand real estate transactions so that you can be better prepared for the purchase and/or sale of your property.

Morgage calculator

The process is very straightforward. To find out the amount of your mortgage payment, enter the price of the property and the different terms of your mortgage. Do several scenarios and compare them. Or better yet, contact us to give you better guidance.

Free evaluation

The appraisal is an objective analysis of the value of your home made by our team. By focusing on the qualities and flaws of your home, you will be given an objective and reasoned opinion on the real value of your property without any commitment.

Experts advice

Entrusting us with your mandate means providing you with a comprehensive toolbox and reliable resources to complete your real estate project with a winning transaction. Check out our tips on how to sell your property quickly, avoid costly mistakes, and more.

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